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How to configure the detection radius (Sensitivity Threshold) for a Channel on the Zone Protector.


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  • Michael (Cellbusters)

    The sensitivity value displayed on the Detector Settings page (47dBr in the screenshot) is a relative dB value. 

    With the current device firmware (version 2.15) the allowed range of threshold is from 35 to 80dBr.  This more than covers the dynamic range of the Zone Protector so that you can use every last ounce of sensitivity.  Because of variations with frequency this may mean that either the Zone Protector will be too sensitive (i.e. may respond to noise) when set to 35dBr, and/or will be totally insensitive (may not respond to even the strongest signal) when set to 80dBr.

    The bottom line here is that you always need to use some trial and error when selecting a threshold near to either end of the allowed range.

    The factory default value of 50dBr works for most applications and is a good starting point.


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